We receive hundreds of applications every cycle. Once all applications have been submitted, our internal management team reviews every application carefully (using a defined framework we have created) and shortlist the best applicants to be called in for Selection Bootcamp.


We then require each of the selected teams to attend a 2-day selection Bootcamp which is designed as an intensive workshop for each team to work on developing and testing their idea further and for us to better understand their business in more detail. It also serves as a very important filter for identifying founders who we believe have what it takes to “make it in the real world.”


Based on the previous stages and selection during the bootcamp we then require to go deeper into learning about the founders – who they are, why are they building a company, how well do they know their market, what problem do they want to solve.

By the end of the 2-day bootcamp, each team will be called in for the interview in front of the selection committee who then select the final teams to be accepted into the first batch of 2020. The selection committee is a diverse group of partners, industry experts, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors all from our close network who come out with the final “go/no go” decision on each team.

Batch 2020

This is where the journey begins and each team works restlessly over the next 1 month developing their core business model, building a prototype, and acquiring customers. During this journey, each team has full and unlimited access to our overarching network of mentors, investors, consultants, experts, as well as well as the privilege to use our office space, business education workshops, training sessions, perks program and more.


This is where the selection and preparation process ends and we start the on-boarding process which includes signing term papers, company registration, legal agreements, and lightweight due diligence. We help handle this entire process for each selected team, making sure that every process is standard and extremely entrepreneur friendly. After this point, you are ready to build traction and prepare for the fundraising

Demo Day

Demo Day is an invite-only event held at the end of every batch, and is generally the first opportunity for investors to meet the promising startups. After one long month of sweat, tears, pivoting and acceleration, the teams are ready to pitch in a room full of accredited VC’s, angels, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and the media.