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Seed the iDEA


It all started with an idea. Our idea to help grow someone else’s idea. And that someone else could be you. Confused?

GroTog is on a mission to discover and support entrepreneurs with a vision, an idea to share with the world, to help transform the world as we know it. We believe in ideas, and if you believe in yours, we’re ready to believe in you. We have grown from a small office across 10 different locations; if we can, you can too. The best part?

We have tools that will enable you to fulfill your vision.

Nurture the idea

What goes around comes around- we believe in giving back to the innovation ecosystem. From holding your hand through your first meeting with a big investor, to cheering from the sidelines as you form partnerships with corporations or government bodies across the country. We stand by startups and investors and help them navigate through the hurdles of the business world.

Essentially, we help each startup define their product, develop their core value propositions, construct a well-balanced business plan, and commercialise their enterprise in order to receive follow-on funding.

Teams are given the opportunity to showcase their products to potential investors and the media. If any of the teams are successful in its bid to establish a fully furnished enterprise with promising market potential, it will graduate from GroTog and receive additional funding to establish its enterprise. Our solid interactive program has one goal: to create an independent, successful company led by a team capable of making informed decisions.

And the idea blossoms

We are prepared to Foster and support brilliant, creative and innovative entrepreneurs from India. Geared to help each idea transform into a budding, thriving ecosystem, we work in batches of 8 – 10 teams at our GroTog Proffesional Training Program. We go beyond just providing the capital, our Incubator Programs give you an arsenal of tools for your business endeavors. Tools such as digital marketing, customer acquisition, lean startup practices, and fundraising for pre-seed companies.

To find great founders

From our backyard to across the seven seas, we’ve made it our mission to find driven, determined and talented founders. We believe that great founders can come from anywhere, and are more than delighted to be interacting with and discovering the gamechangers of the indian market. We aim to discover and support India’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them create successful companies at scale, and build thriving global ecosystems.